Museums and the Web recognizes that many individuals who make significant contributions to digital practice would be unable to attend MW without some financial assistance. New and innovative accomplishments in technology for culture and heritage come from all kinds of organizations throughout the world.

Volunteers are a core part of the team that makes the MuseWeb conference possible each year. It also offers additional opportunities for culture and heritage professionals to attend for free.  While it helps people of all backgrounds and identities to join our community and learn, innovate, and create impactful change in their communities, it particularly helps emerging professionals as well as those from the local communities.

We welcome volunteers in a variety of roles, including events and activities that directly support our staff and committee members. Some of the works are pre-conference, during the conference, and post-conference.

We are looking for Volunteers!

  • Onsite Volunteering during the conference. Attendance is required for all three days, plus volunteer orientation on Sunday, April 2, 2023. Duties include greeting at the registration desk, assisting the presenters, assembling the registration packets, etc.
  • Social Media Coorrepondent
  • Outreach (sending conference information to various list serve, universities and institutions; Sharing information with various communities.
  • GLAMi Award volunteer (researching the project, organizing the submissions, contacting the institutions to collect the project information, etc.)

The cost of registration will be waived for volunteers; however, volunteers must pay for any pre-conference workshops or tours they wish to attend. Travel (hotel, expenses, and flight costs) is not included. All social event tickets are included.

Volunteer application closed on Feb 20.

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