Dynamic Audiences

Monday, April 3rd: 8:30am - 11:30am


How does your institution research about and plan for your audiences? What if your as-is audiences are not representative of your future ones? What if your institutional actions and priorities could even guide and impact the behaviours of your audiences, thus the society and environment. 

Overall scope:

With this workshop, we’ll start a wider discussion on how we can build a more responsible approach on audience development practices and planning that goes beyond static audience-centric practices and considers the impact also our institutional actions and decisions on audience behaviours while developing audience development strategies and plans.

Reason-why and approach:

At Jüniör, we always take into account the evolution of the audience behaviours over time and ask ourselves how we can foresee and incorporate the change into our design solutions. In a world where we are more and more responsible of developing services, products, exhibitions and initiatives that does not harm the planet and does actual good for people, we also evolve what audience-centricness means overall. With this workshop, we aim you to have a practical hands-on experiment in how you can embed such dynamic thinking into your day to day practice as well.

Facilitated by our founder Ece Özdil, the workshop is designed in order to meet your real individual institutional needs through in-practice group work together with deliberative conversation moments between workshop participants.

This workshop can be highly insightful if you* are:

-Beginning of a process of developing an audience development strategy/research or reviewing an existing one.
-Developing a new programme/initiatives for a specific target you have in mind.
-New to a position/get experience/experiment in audience-centric methods.
*To get the best out of the workshop and group work, we advice to join at least by 2-3 people from your institution/team.

A short step-by-step guide on what we\’ll do together:

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