Professional Forum 9: How Are Museums Adjusting to the New Reality

Thursday, April 6th: 1:45pm - 2:45pm


Digital technology makes it possible for museums to hire remote workers, and the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend significantly. This enables the formation of a multilingual & multicultural team and the opportunity to engage global audiences through digital initiatives created by a more diverse staff. Traditionally, museum project teams have been internal; in the past two years we have seen that project teams can achieve success with remote and hybrid workers. So why do museums continue to be reticent to hire the best talent, even if it happens not to be local? With a push for inclusion in museum exhibitions and programs, we posit that inclusion should also apply to museum staff. And inclusion should apply multiculturally.  The pandemic has put this notion in stark relief. This hybrid panel (including Seb Chan, Lauren Vargas, and Julia Pagel; with Marta Maria Peinador and Max Evjen as moderators) will include both onsite participants and remote participants interrogating a number of questions/issues, such as:


Are museums adapting to this new reality? How?
Are museums ready for this sea change in both mindset and practice?
Are there legal issues involved when hiring remote workers, particularly those located in other countries?
How can job seekers find opportunities to work remotely, including internationally?
Are remote internships a possibility to gain the experience museum professionals need?
Unpaid internships, and even paid internships can be unaffordable for those who can’t pay the expenses of relocation – would remote internships be an effective alternative?.
Are there inspiring examples of museum staff working successfully remotely?
What are the training issues for remote workers? How will museums train remote emerging professionals to help them to develop necessary skills?
What examples of remote work have shown success?


The panel will also leave time (approximately 30 minut

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