Professional Forum 1: Future Museums: Who will benefit?

Tuesday, April 4th: 3:00pm - 4:00pm


John Russick and Professor Geoffrey Alan Rhodes will moderate a forum of forward-thinking museum administrators, exhibition designers, and media technologists to workshop the image of a \’future museum\’.  How can we imagine the future museum?

This forum will continue an ongoing series of lectures, discussions, and symposia hosted by the Future Museum Studio at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (  Of particular focus are three essential questions: What is included in museums of the future?  How will they operate and for who?

Future Museum Studio discussants have included (and may include for this professional panel, depending on availability):

Mona Kim /Award winning exhibition designer and Director of Mona Kim Projects, Paris, which has led the creative direction of projects at major museums, international events, and global brands, including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Uniqlo, Samsung, Dior, the Rio*20 UN Conference, and many others. She acted as a primary creative consultant to develop the Museu do Manha (Museum of Tomorrow) immersive experiential media design which won Leading Culture Destinations Awards.

Olga Subirós / Architect and curator of exhibition projects that provide an integrative approach to twenty-first century culture and the far-reaching transformations of the digital era and systemic crisis, including AIR which was presented at Venice Biennale 2021 with an investigation on air pollution and Big Bang Data, an exhibition on the datafication of the world shown in venues including the Singapore ArtScience Museum and the MIT Museum.

Lāth Carlson / Executive Director of the Museum of the Future, Dubai.  Before his directorship at the Museum of the Future, he was a Founding Executive Director of Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington, a project initiated by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul G. Allen.

Todd Palmer / Strategist, leader and curator of purpose-driven design, learning and equity platforms. As the fou

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