How to Session 4: How-To Quire

Tuesday, April 4th: 1:30pm - 3:00pm


Getty began development work on Quire, a multiformat digital publishing tool, in 2016. We have since produced 14 publications, with another 15 on the way. Each publication starts with a single set of files which we then output as an open-access website, a print-on-demand book, and a downloadable e-book, with the website serving as the primary version of the publication.

Beyond our own success with the tool, we have a growing community of users within the arts and cultural heritage sector and have recently launched version 1.0 of Quire as fully open source. Because Quire is so feature-rich and extensible, our community has used it to publish everything from collection catalogues and conference proceedings to journals, student research, and even a personal family history.

As an open-source tool, Quire is available for anyone to use for free. In this hour-and-a-half-long how-to session, we will walk attendees through the fundamentals of working in Quire, from running the command line application to using a text editor and previewing a publication in real time. We will also present examples of Quire publications and a sample workflow to serve as practical guideposts for using the tool. The goal of this session is to familiarize participants with the inner workings of Quire, so they leave feeling confident and empowered to start a digital publishing project of their own.

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