DAM and GLAM – the state of the (Innovative) Art in the National Capital Region

Wednesday, April 5th: 11:15am - 12:45pm


In this professional forum, industry leaders David H. Lipsey and Neal Bilow will lead a panel discussion on DAM for GLAM – featuring innovative practices from practitioners drawn from the National Capital Region.  Neal and David will “set the stage” with insights drawn from their work in the GLAM sector.  Their balanced perspective draws from David’s role in leading innovations for DAM and GLAM, including the benchmark measurement of DAM investment realized through a blend of Return on Investment and Return on Initiative – to help the GLAM sector realize and justify the value of DAM investments.  Neal’s groundbreaking work in DAM and Video for Museums through Terentia offers a way forward for the farther reach of engagement, including the highly regarded M. L. King Center Timeline Project unveiled in January 2023.

After this brief introduction, panelists will highlight innovations, successes and challenges in their DAM program, followed by a lively  Q & A session..  Proposed speakers include The National Gallery of Art, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,  PBS, and others.