Cooperative Multiplayer Games for the Museum Space

Monday, April 3rd: 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Join Valentina Miller and Michael Lapides in a workshop that dives into serious game design patterns and creative content development. Valentina is the Production Lead of Night Kitchen Interactive and has taught classes in game design and digital media production at Drexel University for over six years. Michael is the Director of Digital Engagement at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, where he leads a team that focuses on on exhibitions, digitization, digital archive management and audience engagement.

Night Kitchen and the New Bedford Whaling Museum collaborated on “Voyage Around the World,” a 1-to-4-player serious game that puts visitors in charge of managing a 19th-century Yankee Whaleship. Players can work together—or compete—to meet the crew, see the world, complete jobs on deck, and survive environmental hazards like gale-force winds and icy waters. The choice is theirs, and no two player experiences look exactly the same! Valentina and Michael will share their thoughts about selecting a platform that supports both single-player and multi-player engagement, breaking down complex learning objectives, and balancing a high volume of content with the target dwell time.

keywords: Game Design, Museum Interactive Game,