Workshop: Making Dinosaurs Dance – A Toolkit for Digital Design in Museums

Monday, April 3rd: 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Principal @ Barry Joseph Consulting

Workshop Abstract

“A wonderful guide to the kind of agile, experimental, responsive operational strategies needed in the museum of the future.” — Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums, American Alliance of Museums, on the book Making Dinosaurs Dance

“Personal and engaging, this book reveals the opportunities and surprises of working directly with museum visitors in designing new digital experiences. Refreshingly honest and practical it offers even the smallest museum insights into how to design things that visitors – even teenagers – will enjoy.” — Seb Chan, Director & CEO, ACMI, on the book Making Dinosaurs Dance

Hot off the presses from AAM, Barry Joseph’s new book – Making Dinosaurs Dance – is the foundation for this half-day workshop directed at those interested in learning new techniques for bringing digital design into museums. Making Dinosaurs Dance will take participants behind the scenes to learn how the American Museum of Natural History innovated visitor digital engagement. Based on Barry’s six years at the landmark institution, the workshop will introduce The Six Tools of Digital Design – user research, rapid prototyping, public piloting, iterative design, youth collaboration, and teaming up – then apply them through case studies across a range of topics.

This half-day workshop is designed for anyone looking to increase the impact and reach of digital design within museums while learning best practices for negotiating the disruptions they often bring.  

Attendees will leave:
– Motivated to implement and further develop their new skills
– Inspired to explore new practices within their museum
– Confident about avoiding common pitfalls
– Armed with their own personal softcover copy of the book, filled with over five dozen exercises and activities. 

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