Virtual Tour through a new, state of the art Media Museum

Wednesday, April 5th: 12:15pm - 1:00pm

Other Abstract

Sound & Vision (Hilversum, The Netherlands) manages one of the largest digitized media archives in the world. Since the opening of our museum in 2006, the media world has changed at incredible speed. Media are omnipresent and everyone lives in their own media space. We welcome these developments: we’ve opened a completely new, state of the art Media Museum (February 11th 2023).

In the new Media Museum, visitors can experience how media have now become part of your everyday life, and how this came about. This huge influence of media on our daily lives is presented in five zones that focus on five universal human needs: Share, Inform, Sell, Tell and Play. The museum visit is a very personal one, reflecting the individual way we all interact with media nowadays. The lively, entertaining presentations in the museum give visitors insight into the workings of media and help us create a more media-literate society.

In this Virtual tour, Sound & Vision-colleagues will take you on a (real time?) virtual tour through the new Media Museum in Hilversum, The Netherlands. How will we accomplish that? We are not really sure – that’s what we would like to brainstorm with you about that!

For an idea of the new Media Museum we can share our fly through video.


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