Utilizing XR Technology To Enhance Engagement With Artifacts In Museums

Wednesday, April 5th: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Lightning Talk Abstract


XR (Extended Reality) Technology has increasingly provided new possibilities for engaging with digital materials, specifically by how we interact or engage with educational content. The Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Library is one of many educational institutions to provide XR technology as tools for faculty and students, which has also helped foster a strong partnership between the TMU Library and the Aga Khan Museum (AKM) in Toronto, ON Canada. This lightning talk will focus on how the partnership between the TMU Library and the AKM has allowed the introduction of XR technology within the AKM ecosystem, and has led to the integration of XR technology within various exhibits at the museum, including the “Remastered” Exhibit in 2020, the “Afghanistan My Love” Exhibit in 2022, and an upcoming exhibit in 2023. 

Specific examples will be provided that detail how the TMU Library have utilized Holographic Displays, Photogrammetry, Augmented Reality, Digital Restoration, and Digital Fabrication throughout three unique exhibits over the course of three years. This also includes how these technologies have been used to contribute to the pedagogy of Persian, Turkish, and Mughal Indian manuscript paintings, amongst other artifacts within the museum. In addition, this presentation will showcase how 360 VR projection spaces can be used in combination with museum exhibits to create collaborative VR experiences for greater accessibility within diverse audiences. Furthermore, this talk will briefly discuss how COVID-19 impacted operations at the Aga Khan Museum, and further emphasize the need to utilize XR technology for engaging with educational content that does not require physical interaction. 


Author’s Name and Bio:

Michael Carter-Arlt

Immersive Technology Specialist, TMU Library

Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University)

Michael Carter-Arlt is the Immersive Technology Specialist at the Toronto Metropolitan U

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