The Royal armoury – your history bestie online

Wednesday, April 5th: 12:15pm - 1:00pm


Communications officier @ National Historical Museums/The Royal Armoury

Lightning Talk Abstract

With humor as a weapon, Sweden\’s oldest museum has shown that you can learn about the royal history without a history book. A stubbornly work in social media with a tonality of its own, has broadened the view of the brand and reached new target groups. The Royal Armoury is your History BFF online, which through its current and fun Facebook and Instagram posts spreads both laughter and knowledge. This is where conversation and engagement arise with loyal followers who ask curious questions and who get quick answers from the museum\’s experts. In addition, it has attracted a new group of visitors to the physical museum. The work with Facebook and Instagram has given a ripple effect. It has received a great deal of attention on a PR level, and the museum\’s educators – who are also the ones who mainly post the content – have participated in expert lectures, seminars, podcasts and books on how to succeed with their communication.

keywords: Social media, Communication Strategy
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