The Evolution of Museums in Web3: how can new tech respond to the challenges museums are facing today?

Tuesday, April 4th: 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Principal @ MediaCombo, Inc.

Professional Forum Abstract

We will conduct a conversation about how web3 technologies can help museums address mission critical problems, such as community building, educational impact, environmental impact and revenue streams. We’ll be looking at projects from three museums, and consider their resources investment, unique value, and potential longevity. Brad MacDonald at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, will talk about how they are exploring ways to gradually adopt Web3 practices as they upgrade their website to Drupal 9. Alexis Rapo at the Museum of Science in Boston, will describe why they decided to launch their Mission Mars game on the webXR platform Roblox. Gary Gonya at the Toledo Museum of Art, will discuss their Stan Douglas Decentraland project and new Web3 artist residency program. Robin White Owen at MediaCombo will describe opportunities for museums to expand the reach and impact of their educational mission through creating immersive field trips to virtual worlds.

keywords: Web3, metaverse, NFT, virtual world, game, residency
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