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“Sonic Topologies: Hong Kong” – an interpretation of art beyond visual


    Within the galleries we have a number of Breakout spaces to encourage visitor engagement. They were set up to create moments of pause in the visitors’ journey and prompt them to relate what they see to their present life. In response to the key messages of the exhibition, the Breakout Space is designed with different activities and display. One of the Breakout Spaces in the South Galleries of M+ houses a sonic multi-sensory installation, where the exhibition “Individual, Networks, Expressions” is presented.

    The project titled ‘Sonic Topologies: Hong Kong’, is an aural cartographic interpretation of Yamazaki Tsuruko’s 1967 painting, Work, displaying at the South Galleries exhibition. In the bamboo-lined room, a table is placed at the center where a 3D printed topographic relief of the work is vividly displayed. Visitors are welcome to touch and move on the relief – in this way they can use the painting as a ‘sound map,’ creating a multisensory experience through sight, hearing and touch. A collection of environmental field recordings from Hong Kong are mapped to the colour, shapes and textures of Yamazaki’s abstract artwork. The soundscapes create a psychographic exploration of places of geographical and historical significance and sites of economic and social activity as visitors listen and \’drift\’ through the city with their hands. With more participants, the sounds become spatialised around the exhibition space. Visitors may ‘play’ the work collaboratively, where Yamazaki’s painting displayed flat on a table as a tactile map allows participants to embark on an immersive journey around Hong Kong.

    Learning and Interpretation team of M+ engaged MetaObjects and sound artist Ryo Ikeshiro to create the sound map for the installation.

    Our reflection and outcomes:

    The project begins from the visual but also goes beyond visual. Not only does it encourage an alternative way of seeing, the idea is also integral to


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