Linked Art in Practice: Hands-On with Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage

Monday, April 3rd: 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Software Engineer @ JP Getty Trust
Software Architect @ J Paul Getty Trust
Software Architect, Research Applications Development @ J. Paul Getty Trust

Workshop Abstract

How are museums publishing and consuming linked data in the wild? Why use linked data in the first place? Software engineers from the Getty Trust will lead a workshop on the building blocks for using LOD to build digital applications and experiences. Geared toward museum technologists interested in implementing or supporting linked data within their own contexts, this workshop offers participants an understanding of the broad potential that linked open data offers museum collections, both as the basis for building traditional applications like search and collection pages as well as a foundation for more exploratory use cases. The workshop centers on using Linked Art, a linked data model created by and for the cultural heritage community.

We will touch on the benefits and drawbacks of linked open data for cultural heritage with an introduction to linked data and the Linked Art model, which is used by the Getty and other art institutions in museum applications. The majority of the workshop will be devoted to gaining hands-on experience with getting data from linked data endpoints published by both the Getty and other institutions, transforming that data using open-source tools, and consuming it within example applications. Using the Getty\’s publicly available data APIs and open-source Linked Art library with the hosted collaborative notebook platform Observable, participants will walk through a sample set of exercises that will establish a common framework of understanding and provide a sandbox environment for further experimentation.

The only requirements are a laptop, internet access, and an account on Observable []. Possibly helpful but by no means required are basic experience with a programming language such as Javascript, Python, or Ruby and any level of familiarity with linked data and/or IIIF.
Intended Audience:
Museum technologists, particularly those interested in implementing or supporting linked data within t

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