Digital Interactive Labels for Art Museums

Wednesday, April 5th: 8:30am - 9:30am


Software Developer @ North Carolina Museum of Art
Manager of Interpretation @ North Carolina Museum of Art

Demonstration Abstract

This is a demonstration of a digital interactive labels platform designed and built by staff at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Presenters will have UI wireframes, plans for casework fabrication, and the final interactive product for guests to try out.

The demonstration is in tandem with a how-to session already submitted called “Creating Digital Interactive Labels for Art Museums”

We will highlight the core features that allow this platform to extend beyond conventional print labels, including on-demand editing of published content, a multilingual user interface, and the ability to add streaming video playback and high-resolution magnifiable photography of collection objects. Additionally, we will have a station set up to show the custom content management system created specifically by the NCMA.

This demonstration is intended for any museum professional interested in learning about how digital touch labeling can deepen collection interpretation, enhance the visitor engagement with heritage objects, and streamline the content editing process for labeling. Many of the details of this project can be distilled into best practices for implementing touch interactives of any kind into exhibit spaces, and thus can be applied to interactive projects of any scale.

Check out some examples of this project as installed in our gallery spaces at these links below:

Video Demonstration of the Digital Labels

Still Image 1

Still Image 2

Still Image 3

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