3D scanning with your iPhone for Museums

Tuesday, April 4th: 8:30am - 9:30am


Ms @ Fashion Innovation Centre

Demonstration Abstract

Monocle Prime, a 3D scanner using lidar for people and objects

I would like to demonstrate the Monocle Prime software beta that works with the iPhone and built in Lidar camera in the iPhone 12 – 14 models.

I have worked with Steampunk Digital in their development of Monocle Prime for years as a beta tester and I would like to show off the software by scanning people and things. I can then send a downloadable sample.

Although Monocle is available on the Apple iTunes store I don\’t know that Monocle Prime beta is ready for a commercial booth yet. It is still early days for commercial AR and scanning. But something a lot of museums ask for is an inexpensive scanner that could work for them. They might already have the beginnings of the tools they need.

I have brought the iPad and Monocle software with me to past MuseWeb conventions.


ID: 11049