A man stands at the front of the room and addresses a crowd of conference goers.
MW18 conference goers attend a session in Vancouver. Photo by Jon Pratty

Key Dates and Deadlines 

[sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Deadlines

May 1, [sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Online proposal submission form opens.
September 30, [sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Deadline for proposals for formal papers, professional forums, workshops, and how-to sessions.  Extended->October 9, 2020
October [sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Program Committee reviews conference proposals.
November 30, [sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Lead authors will be notified by this date if their proposal has been accepted.
Volunteer and Scholarship applications close.
December 1, [sc name=”last_year”][/sc] Early registration opens.
December [sc name=”last_year”][/sc]

Preliminary conference program released.
Rejected proposal authors notified.

December 31, [sc name=”last_year”][/sc]

Early registration closes.
Deadline for Demonstrations, and Lightning Talks.–>Extended to 1/31.

[sc name=”year”][/sc] Deadlines 

January 15, [sc name=”year”][/sc]

Speakers must be registered: at least one author of each accepted paper, how-to session and the professional forum must have registered for the conference by this date or their session will be removed from the program.
All written papers due for formal and how-to sessions.

February 20, [sc name=”year”][/sc] Demo and Lightning Talk authors notified if their proposal has been accepted.
January 31, [sc name=”year”][/sc]

Regular registration closes.
Presenters* must be registered (demonstrations and lightning talks)

*At least one presenter for each demonstration and lightning talk must have registered for the conference by this date or their presentation will be removed from the program. 

February 20, [sc name=”year”][/sc] GLAMi Submissions opens. 
February 28, [sc name=”year”][/sc]

Sponsor descriptions are due.
Sponsor program advertisements due

March 18, [sc name=”year”][/sc] Just in time registration closes.
Student Registration closes.
March 19, [sc name=”year”][/sc]

Last-minute registration begins.

Last day to propose projects for review in the Crit Room.

April 17, [sc name=”year”][/sc]


GLAMi submission closes.


Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors