Michael is a creative self-starter with a passion for UX design, education, and interactive technology, who currently works at Ryerson University as a UX Researcher and App Developer. Michael has leveraged his skills in UX design, 3D design, and programming to develop educational applications for the Looking Glass holographic display, interactive VR stories in Unity, and fuel his hobbies related to music and performative art. Since the completion of his Master's Degree in Digital Media, he has been actively presenting his work at various educational institutions and tech festivals including the Festival for International VR and AR Stories in 2018, the Toronto Kids Digital Festival in 2019, the Ontario Science Centre for their 50th anniversary, and at EGLX at the MTCC in October 2019. He’s also led many discussions related to interactive technology with various research teams such as RE/Lab at Ryerson University, OISI at UofT, and IDRC at OCAD University.