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Early Registration 15
Full-Time Student Registration 4
Just in Time Registration 15
Just in Time Registration 28
Last Minute Registration 8
One Day 9
Regular Registration 2
Regular Registration 28
Student Registration 2
Total 141
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Pre-Conference Workshop: Augmenting History 6
Pre-Conference Workshop: Creating Powerful Digital Campaigns That Engage and Inspire 1
Pre-Conference Workshop: Cooperative Multiplayer Games for the Museum Space 5
Pre-Conference Workshop: Dynamic audiences: A hands-on workshop to rethink audience development between foresight and conventional audience-centric practices 1
Pre-Conference Workshop: Linked Art in Practice: Hands-On with Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage 7
Pre-Conference Workshop: Making Dinosaurs Dance: A New Toolkit for Digital Design in Museums 5
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An insider’s tour & the best views of Washington, D.C. 4
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Single 8' x 10' Booth - Early 2
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Bronze Sponsor 1
Silver Sponsor 1
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