Given the complexities of Covid-19 and its effect on institutions worldwide as well as the  last minute decision by the Hotel to reschedule renovations planned for later in the year to happen during our scheduled onsite event, the program has been much more difficult to finalize. At the same time, with the pressure of getting a perfect schedule posted by the 1st of December somewhat diminished and the requirement to present hundreds of concurrent sessions in just 3 days removed, we are taking advantage of the additional time to create a program that mitigates the Zoom Fatigue effect that has been noted at other events while creating an even better program by expanding the dates as follows:

Monday April 5th Tours and Workshops

GLAMi’s Finalists

Tuesday April 6th Opening Plenary


Wednesday April 7th Sessions

GLAMi’s Winners

Tours and Workshops

Friday April 12th Themed Plenary

Themed Sessions

Themed Tours and Workshops

Friday April 19th Themed Plenary

Themed Sessions

Themed Tours and Workshops

Friday April 26th Themed Plenary

Themed Sessions

Themed Tours and Workshops


We also hope you will take advantage of another the benefit of the online / membership format, which allows you to not miss a session, even if they are concurrent.  This is possible because we will record all sessions, tours and workshops and make them available to members.  While this is not the same as attending and engaging with peers in the post session discussion, it is better than missing them altogether.  This membership resource, combined with our public paper archive of more than 1400 papers, makes MuseWeb an unparalleled online resource for our community that with your support will become better and better.

Regardless, we apologies for any inconvenience Covid-19, the hotel and this delay creates and will work with you to make sure we can mitigate any negative effect this has on you and your ability to attend, submit, present, author a paper and participate .

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