MuseWeb creates the space to dialogue, identify challenges and solutions, and publish the process of the transformation.

MuseWeb is an international community of professionals working in the field of cultural heritage and focused on innovation in the collection, management, presentation, and conservation of tangible and intangible heritage. Since 1997, community members, from more than 40 countries, have been meeting, discussing, and documenting innovative solutions intended to move the field forward across all areas of the operations of cultural institutions. Through our online platforms, we present, publish, distribute, and share their projects, research and activities along the way. Sharing case studies and information related to research and innovation is an integral part of MuseWeb. The conference requires presenters to author papers (5,000 words) and then we oversee a peer review process before publishing them online. Selected papers are published in the annual proceeding. More than 1400 papers are currently available. Our community has grown to 140,000 professionals.

About MuseWeb Annual Conferences

MuseWeb annual conference attracts about 600-1000 attendees every year in North America. The conference is held in a different city each year to ensure the conference is accessible to as many professionals as possible. Each year we have an exhibit hall that showcases the new museum technologies, sessions, professional forums, how-to sessions, workshops, receptions, GLAMi Award Ceremony, and tours. The conference takes place over five days with a day of workshops and tours followed by 3 days of sessions. In 2020 and 2021, MuseWeb hosted online conferences. Post-pandemic, the event will be more focused and compressed into three to four days with more intimate networking time. We are looking at three to four days to gather in USA in April 2023.